RL 350 | Ø 350 mm

Clean Air Dust Extractor


Clean air for a healthy workshop

The fact that there is wood dust in workshops is clear and it has also been well known for some time that the dust is classified as a health hazard, but it is only recently that dust extraction in this industry has become a real talking point. An EU legislation soon to come into force will allow companies that have an air filter requirement of up to 8000 m³/h (previously 6000 m³/h) to be able to use wood dust tested clean air dust extractors, saving the expensive investment of an externally positioned extractor. However, in addition to the numerous rules and regulations, one thing is also absolutely clear: Working in a dust free environment is not only healthier but also offers numerous opportunities to reduce costs and increase energy efficiency in woodworking companies. A tailor-made extraction solution is simply essential for a “healthy workshop”.

Felder offers air filters, clean air extractors and filtration systems for efficient chip extraction and air cleaning. Mobile, stationary or for space saving wall mounting - we have the right extraction solution for every requirement.

... Your decision for Felder, a risk-free decision

  • The right machine for every budget
  • Complete reliability in professional use
  • Tailor made machine solutions
  • High quality cast iron machine table and aggregates
  • Innovative detail solutions derived from 60 years of experience - already included in the standard configuration
  • First class manufacturing and finishing standards
  • Intuitive application concepts
  • Modern, distinct design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Complete package: Comprehensive service support
  • CE + GS dust certified


Electrical setup
001 3x 400 V Standard equipment S
002 3x 230 V motor voltage Optional equipment at no extra cost
004 50 Hz Standard equipment S
005 60 Hz Optional equipment at no extra cost
009 15 PS (11 kW)* Standard equipment S
10 Anti-static filter Option
16 Power and speed adjustment through pressure measurement (#001) Option
21 Version with rotary valve instead of dust pin (! 20) Option
20 Preparation for briquetting press Optional equipment at no extra cost
25 Equipped with extraction port on the left hand side Optional equipment at no extra cost
26 Powder fire extinguisher instead of water extinguisher Optional equipment at no extra cost
Wood chip briquetting press
50 02.0.484 - Wood Chip Briquetting Press FBP 50 (30–50 kg/h) (#20) Option
51 02.0.485 - Wood Chip Briquetting Press FBP 60 (60–70 kg/h) (#20) Option
52 02.0.486 - Wood Chip Briquetting Press FBP 70 (70–100 kg/h) (#20) Option
53 02.0.483 - Water cooler for briquetting press Option
Max. airflow m³/h 8000
Nominal air flow capacity 20 m/sec. m³/h 6950
Static pressure Pa 2630
Dimensions mm (L x W x H) 2640 x 1140 x 2260
Filter surface area m² 71
Extraction connector Ø in mm 350
Dust emission quality mg/m³ <0,1
Acoustic pressure dB 75
Chip volume litres 2x 250
Weight kg (with standard configuration) 880
Automatic Start
02.0.340 - Automatic Start for 1-8 Machines Option
02.0.345 - Automatic Start for 1-8 Machines and 8 electric gates Option
02.0.344 - Automatic Start for 1-8 Machines and 8 electric gates, freely programmable Option
02.0.346 - Transformer Coils for Automatic Start Option
Important Accessories
60 D-160 mm suction pipe for the extraction of the chips from the rotary feeder (#21) Option
02.0.037 - 10 pcs. Chip-Bags for RL 250/300 (1200 x 500 x 1300 x 0,1 mm) Option
500 403-275 - Sound Absorber for RL 250/300/350 Option

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